Painting studio


Our Painting Studio is an essential part of Benediko. It is in the Painting Studio that skilled artisans and master colorists transform simple metal, wood or composite into one of our exquisite finished pieces.

Plaster was the prized medium of some of the early 20th century’s most revered designers, among them Jean Michel Frank, Serge Roche, and Giacometti. Today, we at Benediko have reintroduced the age-old medium into the interior design trade in our collection of lighting,furnishings and accessories. We paint plaster onto our designs in layers with a brush, then meticulously sculpt and sand it repeatedly to make objects of surreal beauty.

Then comes the decoration process. It involves many complicated procedures which must be followed with utmost precision. Gold leaf, silver, paint, metal spray primer, paints, wax, acrylic varnish and various secret recipes are applied carefully layer by layer. These all are done in such a meditative calm that even the uninvolved viewer is in danger of losing himself.